Brandon Laws
Blake Peterson
Mike Cody
Victor Zahn

“SLIPPERS” are an instrumental, funk-jazz band from Long Beach, CA. They are currently in their second decade of performing and recording as a group. The individual members bring a wide diversity of musical backgrounds, styles and influences to the band and give a collective dynamic that lets them blend and experiment with new as well as classic sounds and textures. “SLIPPERS MUSIC” is tight, funky and fresh. Heavy grooves based on interlocking rhythms and razor-sharp changes push the music forward. Solid deep bass, strong melodies and hooks counter open-ended solos letting the compositions expand and intensify. “SLIPPERS LIVE” is where you get the true picture and feeling of what “Slippers” is and does. Built from years of rehearsals and refinements, the music reaches for an extra element of tightness at performances.