Track Listing …

  1. intro 00:13
  2. Pretty feet 03:20
  3. Times are strange 02:33
  4. Rainy days (Featuring Aura Bakker) 04:31
  5. Brown skin (Lost for words) 02:47
  6. A love like this 01:11
  7. Love birds 03:33
  8. Spoken novice (Featuring Aura Bakker) 01:56
  9. That day 02:47
  10. Unsatisfied 03:56
  11. Affectionate traveler 01:53



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  1. Christopher Gehring
    September 14, 2016


    Did you press the 1900 album on vinyl? If not, how can I get this whole album from you?

    I have to tell you. I’ve been a music nerd, specifically in golden era hip hop for 25 years and your Mars project with Acey blew my mind (and many others I have shared it with). You are making the music I have been waiting for many, many years.

    Give me more, give me more, collab with more MC’s, make your own jams, keep
    It coming. Colorado awaits your arrival for tour.

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